Organizing Volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of any grassroots organization. You need an easy way to let your members know about opportunities to support their organization and an even easier way for them to signup.

With a CH2V site, you can:

  • Flag members as Approved Volunteers
  • Post event details and signup lists with Volunteer Events
  • Setup automatic reminders
  • Track Volunteer Hours

Approved Volunteers

You likely have some events require that volunteers have passed a background check. Members who been approved can be updated as Approved Members in their User Account.

At the beginning of each school year, you can reset volunteer status with one-click


Volunteer Events

Get the word out about upcoming volunteer opportunities! Members can easily sign up with our unique "One Click Sign Ups" feature.

With the Events module you can:

  • Post one-time or recurring events
  • Create the sign up schedule based on event needs
  • Set whether or not the event is for Approved Volunteers only
  • Assign who receives sign up notifications emails for the event

You can even create the event ahead of time and set the date it will go live on your site!


Track Volunteer Hours

Do you need to track volunteer hours? Easily track Volunteer Hours by setting the Event to report Volunteer Hours.



The best way to experience the magic of is to create a site for your volunteer organization. It just takes just a few minutes! Like so many others, you're going to be amazed at the power included in these sites.