What is ClickHere2Volunteer.com

ClickHere2Volunteer.com (CH2V.com) provides FREE Websites, eCommerce, and fundraising tools for all Volunteer Organizations, including School Organizations, Scout Troops, Athletic Clubs, and more. 

Our Story...

It all started in the Fall of 2006, when Mr. Downs created a web site for the PTA at his childrens' school,
Rutledge Elementary.  His original goal was to create a site that helps manage volunteer events and communication.  But he ended up creating a total web site solution for all volunteer organizations!  
In the Fall of 2008, all 32 PTAs and PTOs in the Leander Independent School District chose to use CH2V.com for their web site - and still do!  Schools and other volunteer organizations across America are discovering how this FREE resource can empower them to manage their activities, communicate more effectively, AND raise funds.  

Why More PTAs, PTOs and other Volunteer Groups Are Using CH2V.com

These Sites offer more than any other PTA or PTO solution available:

  • FREE for PTAs, PTOs, and PTSAs and Other Volunteer Groups like Scout Troops, Band developed over four years of working with real parents in real schools.
  • Site URLs match your organization type, such as "my-PTO" etc.
  • Customizable with over 26 pre-defined templates and color customization.
  • Contributed Content  keeps the content fresh and engaging.  Click some of the schools on the right to see this for yoursef.  Content is always APPROVED by the webmaster or board before it goes "live."
  • Each site can be defined per the needs of the PTA or PTO, including pages, layout, organization.  
  • Content types include  News, Volunteer Schedules, Documents, Calendar, Volunteer Hours, HTML, Custom Forms, and more.
  • A parent database is easily updated with parents in the school, using a simple spreadsheet import.  Our free email system handles all email tasks, including automatic reminders, thank-you's AND it handles opt-outs and bounces - automatically.   
  • Volunteer Schedules are easily created.  Just one click is required to sign up (it's so unique, a provisional patent application has been filed on the interface). 
  • Save Money- Are you using a service like Constant Contact for email?  Our sites provide robust email service, including bounce control, automatic opt-outs and other functions - and it's all free.
  • Make Money- Our eCommerce solution has no setup fees and is cheaper than RevTrak or PayPal, and it's integrated into the site.   Your school store can be up and running in just a few days.

Our Mission:  To Improve Education by Increasing Volunteerism in Our Schools

Mr. Downs created CH2V.com out of a desire to increase parent involvement in our schools. Our secondary mission is fundraising.  We help schools make money!
With CH2V, you can create an integrated online store, with lower fees than PayPal or any other provider.  With integrated News, Calendars, and Email it's easy to run fundraisers and increase donations. 
Just click on the real sites listed on the right (which are just a sample of the sites we support). and you will see for yourself how live, how vibrant, how EFFECTIVE our sites are.
We don't require contracts or credit cards (because our sites really are free.)  And your CH2V site is totally secure - we NEVER share or sell any information from any school to any third party.
The best way to experience the magic of CH2V.com is to create a site for your volunteer organization.  It just takes just a few minutes!  Like so many others, you're going to be amazed at the power included in these sites.

** While we  recognize and support National PTA, CH2V.com is not affiliated with National PTA or any other organization.